“the sheen family”

Today I Googled “the sheen family”. Here’s why, and what I learnt.

So, Charlie Sheen is like, all over the place at the moment. A must-raise topic at any social event. After a long discussion about Charlie Sheen at a recent friendly gathering (“Oh, how funny was it when he said…” “And then, yeah, like he’s nuts” “Winning!”), the topic changed to Emilio Estévez, his currently less famous but infinitely cooler brother (I’m thinking Mighty Ducks). Turned out that none of us really knew why the brothers had different surnames, but several theories were put forth:

– Mother was Estévez, Father was Sheen, and after a nasty divorce the two brothers took different sides and wham! different names (my theory – pretty sure my Mum told me this was true once)

– Different fathers (friend’s theory – I was sure it was Martin)

– Stage name – Emilio Estévez is a sweet name, and surely Charlie had the real name given he shared it with his father?

All of the above theories are INCORRECT, and the answer, provided by Google, is mind-blowing.

Martin Sheen was in fact born Ramón Gerardo Antonio Estévez (whaaa?) but adopted the STAGE NAME of Martin Sheen upon deciding to become an actor. His real, legal name is still Ramón Estévez, and with his wife he produced FOUR children – Emilio, Ramón, Carlos and Renée. Carlos Estévez = CHARLIE SHEEN. Who obviously just changed his name to mooch off Papa’s success. Emilio, as suspected, is the cool dude in this story, who embraced his real name and made three awesome and inspirational films about teen ice hockey players. Martin and wife Janet are still happily married (naw!).

Now – did you know this? Or are you as impressed by this Google news as I am?

P.S How cool is Emilio Estévez? If you don’t think he’s cool, please provide me with five points as to why. I can’t believe he is related to Charlie Sheen and I bet he doesn’t watch Two and a Half Men.

– Zoe

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why i google

As a generally inquisitive person, I seem to spend quite a lot of time on Google. In fact, it’s well known in close circles that I’m somewhat obsessed with Google and treat Google as others perhaps treat YouTube or Facebook. I like knowing things and more than that, I hate not knowing things – not having the answer. It’s awful. Google provides the same relief to me that the humble World Book Encyclopaedia did many years ago.

A second aspect of my personality that fuels my Google obsession is my…how do we put it…competitive nature. I’m quite argumentative and like to be right. I’m often sure that I am right, and I often am (because I spend so much time on Google). I’m also often wrong. The amount of times that an argument, generally between my husband and I, has ended in “Let’s just Google it!” is epic.

So, after my most recent bout of public googling (that is, having a discussion among friends which lead to me googling something to prove or elaborate upon a point) my friend suggested that I start a blog. Perhaps he’s just sick of hearing about things I googled (I had just recounted how and why I googled “Seth Green Family Guy live” – I just didn’t believe he was the voice of Chris). But perhaps he thinks it will be endlessly interesting. I mean, imagine what you guys can learn from Google through me?

Lots of stuff.

Until next time,


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Hello world!

This is meeee, life should beeee

Oooh, ooh yeah

Fun for everyone

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